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Darkness Within April 12, 2009

Posted by eods in The Journey.
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Christian theology believes that the muman spirit is by birth and by default is impure. One has to make it pure by seeking mercy with that only God. Hindusm is little different, it belives that the soul is always pure no matter what, its the being who is not aware of its purity, and life is nothing but a search within to get familier with that soul.

I too don’t believe that the soul is dark, its just not illuminated. It like we cant see the sun in night not because of darkness but our positions with respect to sun is wrong, there is a huge mass of earth that comes in between and we perceive it as darkness of night.

So when I say my soul is dark, do I really mean it ? NO! Absolutely not. That darkness is my relative position. It is in my thoughts. My soul in its real form is as pure as anything. Assume that the earth stops rotating. It will mean that one side of earth will always have night and other side will always have light. And a man who lives on that half might think that the whole earth is dark. Imagine you are that person and you are the only one left on earth.

Now its upto you to believe if there is any illumination, on the other side. Even whether any other side exists is a matter of belief. But then imagine you walking in a direction in that darkness of night, to find the light. One fine day (there will not be any concept of day hence let us call it a moment), that moment you will see a ray, a ray that originates at the horizon, which tells you that, “That other side” exists and indeed there lies illumination behind it.

This is my journey! I have to walk there alone. I am in the dillema, same like that Arjun in the middle of the battlefield. Or like Radha when the Krishna departed, Or like a Karn when Parshuram asked him his Varn, or like Ekalavya when refused admission to Drona’s ashram.

But like all of them I will prove that what matters is the conviction to pass through every trouble. To have a deep faith that the other side exists and I will find the illumination, I call it enlightment.