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Hinduism Primer May 4, 2009

Posted by eods in Reviews and Readings.
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A debate continues within the Hinduism itself of the character of the religion. Hinduism is not simply a living thing, it is also a lively thing, a wide variety of beliefs and practices co-exist within it. After almost 40 centuries Hinduism is still in the making. No single version of it has completely dictated Hindu doctrine and values. Perhaps most remarkable of all, is the continuous religious tradition has survived and adapted over this long period. It is one of the oldest religion in the world. Despite the stresses and strains it has endured , nearly one billion individuals , in one way or another identify themsevels as Hindus.

This is how the five part documentary on Hinduism concludes. 50 minutes is hardly a time to explain anything in much depth but I must say that its a very good job done. The background music just takes you deep into trans. Unlike very few commentators on Hinduism, this documentary has brilliantly captured Gandhi’s influence on Hinduism and vice versa. A must watch for all students of comparative religion who want to begin exploring Hinduism.